Flight Safety Program Evaluator (Part-Time)

Job Description The successful candidate for this position will serve as a part-time contractor who will work as part of a team to conduct flight safety program evaluations for the military. These locations may include all 50 states and territories. The audits will normally be conducted on a weekly basis, with travel possible on Sunday or Monday and travel back to home location on Friday. Work may comprise up to 10 to 15 weeks per year. Individual must be professional and courteous in a team environment and be able to work well under limited supervision. Individual must be able to follow specific, detailed procedures and be able to review work for technical accuracy and adequacy. Individual must have a thorough understanding of all AF flight safety requirements. LOCATION Must live near a major U.S. airport. SPECIFIC TASKS 1. Conducting flight safety audits of military facilities. 2. Using regulatory knowledge of Air Force and DoD flight safety regulations, while conducting audits to ensure correct deficiencies are written. 3. Identifying both positive and negative findings of flight related operations. 4. Composing audit findings per client-driven media (database or other tool). 5. Having an understanding of Microsoft computer programs and database software. 6. Using teaching and directional tools to help educate and train personnel receiving the compliance audit. 7. Possessing an ability to clearly explain and brief findings to customers in a formal setting. 8. Perform quality assurance reviews and editing of written findings. REQUIRED EXPERIENCE EDUCATION Must be a USAF Rated Crewmember. Must have at least 5 years of experience as an ANGAFRCAFDoD Wing Level Chief of Safety or Headquarters Safety (Director of Safety or Flight Safety Division Chief). Must be a graduate of the AF Safety Center Flight Safety Officer Course (WCIP 05B) or the Air Reserve Component Chief of Safety Course (ARCCoS or ARCCOS101). Completion of the USAF legacy Flight Safety Officer Course (WCIP 05K) or AF Mishap Investigation Course (WCIP 05A) and Aviation Safety Program Management Course (WCIP 09B) is preferred. Must work well in a team environment. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills. Must be able to exercise considerable independent judgment in conducting flight safety audits, inspections, and related field activities. Previous experience conducting flight safety audits preferably with government agencies, specifically military branches. Must be computer literate with a capability to work in a team environment.

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