Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant I - Rheumatology

In the Division of Rheumatology, the APP partners with physician colleagues in the outpatient setting to manage chronic connective tissue and other rheumatologic disorders. The APP monitors and manages medication regimens, ensures continuity of care, and provides health education to patients and their families. The APP will become proficient in providing joint injections as well. This position does not require hospital coverage, only clinic.
The Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant at Mayo Clinic also may perform the following tasks in any authorized setting:
-Obtaining patient history
-Performing physical examinations
-Ordering and performing diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
-Formulating a diagnostic impression
-Developing and implementing a treatment plan
-Monitoring effectiveness of therapeutic interventions
-Offering counseling and education to meet patient needs
-Making appropriate referrals
-Prescribing and dispensing prescription medication
-Assisting in surgery
-Performing minor procedures and surgical procedures
-Demonstrates ability to assess data reflective of patient's status and appropriately interprets information relative to patient's age-specific needs.

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